There is never any charge to have a brief discussion of your particular needs with one of our Doctors of Chiropractic.  Once you and the doctor have decided on the proper course of action for your case the amount and type of care will be discussed with you.

The following are some usual and customary services that we provide. 

Adjustment of 1-2 regions of the spine                                         $40

Adjustment of 3-4 regions of the spine                                         $47

Adjustment of 5 regions of the spine                                             $55

Adjustment of an extra-spinal region (i.e. knee, shoulder, rib)        $35

Mechanical Traction                                                                     $28

Electrical Stimulation                                                                    $22

Therapeutic Exercises                                                                  $35

Manual Therapy (Muscle Work)                                                  $40

Office Visit-Examination                                                               $95

X-Ray Cervical Region, 2 views                                                   $60

X-Ray Thoracic Region, 2 Views                                                 $50

X-Ray Lumbar Region, 2 Views                                                  $75

The type of care is individual for each person.  Be sure to discuss any financial concerns with a Patient Financial Advocate.

If you have insurance, your insurance may cover none, some or all of these charges.  We will review your insurance information generally within 4-6 visits.