We would like to introduce to you our Lunch and Learn workshop programs.  Most people are totally unaware that the meaning of Doctor is "teacher."  Our purpose therefore, is to provide quality wellness education to your employees by offering an outstanding company wellness education program.

Lunch & Learn
Using the latest research, our Lunch and Learn presentations will teach employees/members how to promote a wellness lifestyle by empowering participants to make healthier lifestyle choices.  A few relevant topics that can be offered include:

  • Women's Health
  • Headaches
  • Health and Stress for the Occupational Athlete
  • Nutrition/Weight Loss and Eating for Maximum Performance: Power Nutrition
  • Healthy Living to 100
  • The 7 Secrets to Health and Better Healing: Workshop on Wellness (WOW)
  • Changing Your Child's Future- Through a Parent's Eyes
  • Sit and Be Fit
  • Eat Well, Live Well
  • Move Well, Live Well
  • Think Well, Live Well
  • Health Screenings/Health Fairs

These workshops are known as "Lunch and Learns" because they are done during the company's lunch hour.  We can provide a a free lunch when requested and an exact head count is given two days prior.   We also provide lectures outside of the lunch hour including morning, daytime/afternoon, and evening.

If you or your company is interested in hosting a Lunch and Learn workshop, hosting a lecture, or scheduling a health screening/health fair event, please contact Kristin at 712.366.1611 or email mouwkp@gmail.com to arrange a date and time.