OUR CORE VALUES are 7 words that resonate with us.  We have them on a board in our office right outside our employee office so that our team members can be reminded of them everyday.  These values make us who we are as an organization.  They influence and guide daily operations as well as long-term strategy for growth and continued improvements.


We are a united team with one purpose.  We seek to partner with you to accomplish our purpose so you and your families can live life better!


We are dedicated to finding new, exciting and sometimes unconventional ways to do things.


We have a restorative mindset.  When health is lost, sickness results.  We help restore what has been lost.


We maximize potential of the human body, mind and spirit by restoring normal communication of the nervous by removing vertebral subluxation.


Our office is alive and we operate with present time consciousness.  It is our intention to give you our full attention.


Our team and office culture is active, animated, dynamic, energetic and spirited!


All of our interactions come from a good-natured place.  We believe that laughter and love are 2 of the most powerful and constructive forces.  We engage with love and fun at every opportunity.

The purpose of Mouw Family Chiropractic is to optimize the health and wellness of whole families with chiropractic adjustments and to Equip and Empower each individual with the ability to make choices that lead to the FULL EXPRESSION of their health potential.