Jim, Tammy, Trevor, and

Emilie H.

1. What led you to seek chiropractic care and what was your life like before you began care in our office?              
Jim and I were suffering from severe low back pain.  I had already had a cortisone shot in my back and it wasn't helping.  I friend of mine told me to try seeing a chiropractor before I decided to have back surgery.  In just a few weeks of working with Dr. Mark, I felt so much better, my pain was completely gone!. 

2.  What impacted you about our office and chiropractic that led to your commitment to correct your spine?            
In order to be the active, healthy, and happy we want to be, we must maintain an adjusted, strong, and healthy spine.  We did not even know the life we were missing out on and we will never return to the life we had before coming to this office!

3.  How did chiropractic make a difference in your life?  What can you do now that you weren't able to do before?           
Eat well, be active, be happy, and get adjusted as needed!!!!